Satellite Lamp
The Satellite Lamp is the product of an assignment consisting of two phases, firstly, the study of the design language and identity of the Studio Dining Chair by Kelly Wearstler to later be represented in an original design proposal.
The Satellite Lamp captures the sophisticated and west coast presence of the Studio Dining Chair through careful CFM considerations and an understanding of the simple geometric composition that characterizes the original chair with an emphasis on the diagonal nature of its posture, whilst sharing its DNA, the Satellite Lamp manages to become a formidable and independent design piece and not only accessory of the original.
Studio Dining Chair - Kelly Wearstler.
Studio Dining Chair - Kelly Wearstler.
Static stress simulation of a 1000N load. Safety factor of 2.5.
Static stress simulation of a 1000N load. Safety factor of 2.5.
Veinle is a chair that emanates from an assignment with precise physical conditions, it must weigh less than 3 kg, withstand up to 100 kg and have a monobloc construction. Thus, the main challenge was to strategically place and remove material without compromising aesthetic quality nor formal identity.
Using an injection molded nylon 6 body, targets were met with a weight of 2.93 kg and a safety factor of 3.04 was obtained through static stress simulations in Fusion 360. The anatomy of the chair is derived from cellular tissue and leaf vein patterns, creating voids and changing volumes that give it a muscular and dependable appearance whilst remaining lightweight and appearing so.
FLA pop-up Carts
This was a project I was tasked with developing as an internship in Fab Lab Austral, the southernmost digital fabrication laboratory in the world. I was to design and manufacture an array of carts that would carry and serve as a platform for pop-up digital fabrication experiences within Magallanes, Chile’s southernmost region.
Constraints and considerations were many as the carts must house varied delicate equipment, fit in a specific van, be easily up and offloaded, expand and contract to give the pop-up effect, as well as serve as a point of reference for digital fabrication and joint design within the educational frame of the project.

Original facade and terrace.
Original facade and terrace.
3M Innovation Center Façade
This project was developed in collaboration with 3M Chile which wanted to gather redesign proposals for the façade of their innovation center located in Santiago, Chile. The client’s initial expectation was new graphics to place over the existing façade but after visiting the site as a design team we concluded there was a great opportunity to bring the façade forward and activate the terrace that was scarcely equipped and saw little use.
The project’s main objective was to embrace the existing terrace through the extension of the façade whilst also representing the forward looking and busy nature of the innovation center.
Thus, the finalized design incorporates the terrace as an active part of the building and the patterned topographical nature of its design language allows for a shifting appearance that serves to symbolize the brisk pace of innovation.
STUFF is a furniture collection inspired by cortical blindness. The assignment was to design objects based on medical trauma or illness, thus the main concepts involved in the design come from the patient’s ability to perceive light fluctuations in combination with touch to experience the world around them. 
The STUFF identity is based on the principle of closure, qualia and learning through manipulation, so to embody the experience of living with cortical blindness through the collection of objects which emerge through interaction and the illumination of its voids.
Williams FW14B
A comprehensive exercise in 3D modeling and rendering through Rhinoceros 3D and KeyShot. The iconic Formula 1 car was modelled using photo references and later labeled accordingly.